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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Norway

Hunting and fishing trips in Norway: known for strong variety of game with moose and wild deer, woodlands birds in masses and premier cod and halibut

What else to expect from Norway other than blue ribbon sea fishing of cod, and moose stalking unlike you’ve ever seen. The options do not stop there with wild reindeer and its beautiful coat, or haddock weighing easily on the double figures. On a cuspate horizon the pines spread like spilled water, hiding willow grouse and black grouse that spring into the air at the sound of beaters on driven shoots.

The expression of wildlife in Norway is visible throughout, but championed at sea. The big game fishing species are nothing less than glorious heavy specimens from cod to crab and anything in between. Norway is almost a tailor-made haven for anglers of all styles. Freshwater salmon fishing over wild rivers, trolling or jerk baiting in Gjøvik, and fly-fishing in Hemsedal only to name a few. But exceptionally, quantity does not overrule quality, Norway has fantastic fjords, rivers and marine life of incredible distinction.

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