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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Oman

Hunting and fishing trips in Oman: known for fantastic offshore fishing with yellowfin tuna, year-round sailfish and huge grouper

Oman is a beautiful natural construction of rocky and jagged mountains in which towns and cities grow in its crevices. Oman is ideally located for the best fishing conditions with the Arabian Sea facing south and the Gulf of Oman to the northwest. You can hire a boat and take on the waters on your own without a particular trail and destination and still return home with prized catches.

Yet luckily Oman is full of designated fantastic areas for offshore fishing starting with Muscat. Not only a beautiful city to visit with beautiful architecture and bright lights, but here you have access to the Gulf of Oman on its western borders. Fishing is almost all year round with massive sailfish, or yellowfin tuna coming is huge sizes. The local favourites and what baits foreign anglers are the show-stopping dorados and the bounteous grouper.

Salalah is a burst of green wilderness which contrasts dramatically with the otherwise bouldered scenery in Oman, this oasis is completely facing the Arabian Sea and it’s one of the best fishing destinations in the Middle East with yellowfin tuna, sailfish and king mackerel. Yet the ruling fish is the giant trevally whose colossal body gets heavier and heavier each time you cast.

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