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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Pakistan

Hunting and fishing trips in Pakistan: known for rare Sindh ibex and Blanford urial mountain stalking, huge trout and mahseer fly-fishing

Pakistan is a patchwork of scenery from the endless greenery along sloping hills in Passu-Hunza Valley to the emerald steps of the Terraced Fields, and the snow dipped mountains of Nanga Parbat. Having such a multitude of towering mountains means most of its wildlife have grown and adapted to these conditions, this includes incredibly rare mountain sheep. Deep in the mountainscape are Punjab urial and Blanford urial, found uniquely in Pakistan.

Their thick bulging horns curl behind their heads and prove a worthy trophy for any huntsman that ventures into the highlands to seek them. There are certain areas in Pakistan which are hard to reach and so 4X4s are used across the rugged grounds followed by foot stalking through ravines and gorges. At 9,000 ft you’ll find suleman markhor with its twisted horns pointed straight up. It is also densely populated with Sindh ibex and blue sheep, a trophy highly sought-after by hunters worldwide for their huge trophies in Pakistan. Tangled in the mountains are rivers with a bountiful offer of trout, the best destinations for fly-fishing it being Kaghan, Baltistan, and Gilgit. Valleys spilled with rivers are found all over, but the Kunhar River is fantastic for trout and especially mahseer, enough to satisfy any anglers in its remote settings.

The Pakistan offshore fishing through the Karachi Shores are so filled with big mackerels they are known to splat right into fishing boats and this isn’t even the only choice of fish, trolling can bring you mahi-mahi, shark, barracuda and giant trevally among the many fish species out there. It doesn’t end here, the coral reefs will toy at your reel with no end, from bream to parrotfish, perch to large grouper, and snapper to cuttlefish.

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