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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Palau

Hunting and fishing trips in Palau: known for trolling for giant trevally and the hard-fighting red bass

Palau is known world-wide for its premier level diving dubbed the Underwater Serengeti. Its beauty lies with its volcanic islands painted with emerald forests set on cerulean lagoons. But it extends its magnificence underwater with truly ornate coral reefs swarmed with darting exotic fish and millions of other marine life.

With an average temperature of 28 degrees throughout the year, Palau is perfect at any season and its fishing maintains its high standards. The most common and largest of fish wandering these paradisiac waters are the giant trevally. Reaching unreal sizes, it’s best fished by trolling and sometimes jigging. The blue finned trevally is also found in high volume, its blue tint almost seems a reflection of the ocean on its shimmering scales.

Curiously the red bass is also incredibly craved by locals, but beware it is a strong and arduous fish that does put up a fight for its life and in many occasions will manage to snap the lure and flee. This species is admired for its strength but cherished for its taste as it is a local delicacy. Why not try this tender meat over a beach fire with the sunset vanishing in the distance?

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