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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Panama

Hunting and fishing trips in Panama: known for inshore giant roosterfish and offshore massive yellowfin

Panama is a balancing act between the manmade Panama City and natures gift of rainforest and tropical awe. It is so overwhelmed with jungle and forests there are hardly any locations that can be reached by foot, traveling will take you to the skies by plane, or dashing through the waters by boat. Dubbed “Jurassic Park” by many for its unruly rainforests and titan sized fish,

Panama is paradise for anglers. Inshore roosterfish with their barbed fin come is huge sizes reaching 70 lbs, and the ruby-red cubera snapper is definitely a well-kept gem. Offshore expect to find nothing less than greatness with yellowfin at over 300 lbs and black marlin with 700 lbs, a fishing experience hard to top anywhere else. Isla Montuosa lives up to the Jurassic name, one after the other, colours of explosively energetic fish with burst from the waters, the magentas of mullet snapper, the cobalt blue of pacific sailfish and the blazing golden greens of the dorado.

After witnessing nature boasting of great abundance, visit the Panama Viejo and remember the legacy of man. A UNESCO world heritage side, it is the oldest European settlement on the Pacific coast of the Americas, this historic district will take you back in time to the discoveries and what better way to celebrate than with a pina colada nightcap.

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