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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Paraguay

Hunting and fishing trips in Paraguay: known for excellent choice of endless dove drives and hard-fighting dorado

Dove shot gun shoots are perfect with the use of trained decoys, creating a unique scenario of hundreds of birds in an exhilarating rush. To experience wing shooting of the best quality with dove and pigeon countlessly swooping over stretched fields, Paraguay cannot be missed. Feathers fluttering at every angle, your arms will ache with the constant activity.

The consistent high volume shooting will have your trip busy from start to end, dawn to dusk. Supplement your day of engaging shooting with a delicious field lunch followed by a well deserved hammock siesta under the shade. Yet it’s not only about birds here, fishing excels in Paraguay’s mesmerising waters. Parana River, whose name originates from its resemblance to the sea, swirls and coils along the country, with it the almost excessively large golden dourado and huge surubi catfish.

These stamp Paraguay as a must needed fly fishing destination as these fish are enticingly arduous and cunning for high level anglers, but also theres also other types of fishing such as trolling with a deep diving lure for common catfish in the Plata Basin. Paraguay brings the lures of rolling waves of doves to the arduous tactics of striped catfish fishing.

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