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Hunting, shooting for Partridge

Driven birds, Walked up

A speed shooters dream challenge: chasing partridge through their thick, brushy habitat. Now you see them, now you don't. The pursuit of this precious game bird is both addictive and aggravating.

From years of hunting and predatory pressure and high mortality rates, partridge have put their A-game into digging down, blending in and hiding. Take the average shooting opportunities for duck as an example, and divide those seconds in half, then divide them again- that's the type of time frame partridge hunting.

Partridge, as type of game bird, proudly boasts a multitude of colourful species. Although partridge can be found throughout the world, the most popular species in North America include the Grey, Chukar Redleg and Hungarian partridge.

Basic Info

Varieties: Red Legged, Grey, English, French, Snow Cock, Chukar

Scientific name: Perdix perdix

Size: length:  28 – 33 cm, wingspan: 53 – 56 cm

Weight: 490 g

Lifespan: 5 years

Methods: Falconry, Wing shooting, Driven birds, Walked Up,

Countries: Europe, Eurasia, North America, Africa