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Fishing for Permit

Spinning, Fly fishing, Game fishing, Spearfishing, Salt water fishing

The thought of a permit smashing into a screaming lure and wrenching its buff, squashed-torpedo-like body away from the big scene can send any angler into a nervous sweat just thinking about it.

Being able to go out and fish for permit is another type of dream-like luxury. Permit fishing, no matter the location, is a quality saltwater experience everyone should enjoy, repeat and enjoy again.

Permit, known in Greek as “tough back”, grow up to be large, abstract-looking fish with high dorsal fins that identify them as uniquely, 100% permit. Caribbean waters loaded with tropical crab and shrimp host fairly large, aggressive-eating schools of permit and great backdrops to a permit fishing adventure. Any angler who has gone for permit, either with a fly or spinning rod will tell you great stories of their vacation among the permits.

Try and catch the 'gray ghost of the flats' to a style of your liking, there are many ways to approach this trophy gamefish.

Basic Info

Scientific name: Trachinotus falcatus

Size: 90 cm

Weight: 36 kg Lifespan: 15 years

Methods: Spinning, Fly fishing, Game fishing, Spearfishing, Salt water fishing

Continent(s): Western Atlantic Ocean