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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Peru

Hunting and fishing trips in Peru: known for cinnamon teal duck drives of massive proportions and coastline fishing with surreal backdrops.

Duck hunting takes the trophy as an unmissable experience in Peru. It hosts the largest population of cinnamon teal duck, venerated and prized along the coastal wetlands between the Pacific Ocean and the Atacama Desert. The white-winged doves follows tightly behind with a beautiful display of feathers over the South American sublime landscape.

Peru encases unseen pre-Incan civilization lands and ruins, portraying a picturesque and surreal environment for hunters and anglers alike. Take a seat and embrace your surroundings with a pisco, a typical liquor made and served traditionally in Peru. Like strokes of blue paint, the Pacific waves hit the coastline creating incredible conditions for shoreline fishing from clifftops or a boat, both very common in Peru.

Along the central and south coast, flounder and grunt are the favoured catches. Like a misplaced puzzle piece, the environment changes as you might fish for payara with spinning and casting in gushes of water dotted by black volcanic rocks. The diversity of wildlife juxtaposes with the rare city of Macchu Picchu and its flanking Andes Mountains where you may find taruca and pudu deer at impressive altitudes.

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