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Hunting, shooting for Pigeon

High-volume bird shooting, Wingshooting, Driven birds

Pigeon hunting, for either wood or dove is an excellent way to spend a day out in a field, behind a well disguised blind, tuning into your high-volume bird shooting skills. Pigeons, either alone or in a flock search for young, budding vegetation and seeds as a main source of nutrients and can be best found where young crops are growing.

As autumn approaches they will feed on various nuts, berries and trees. When pigeons spot and approach decoys set in proper range of the hideout, accuracy and timing make this a skilled game for any shotgun shooter. Unlike the pigeons found in front of the subway station, nonthreatened by people passing by, their rural kin are extremely spooky.

With keen eyesight and an interest in being near other pigeons, it will approach the decoys with great curiosity. Hunters watching the incoming pigeon must identify the moment the pigeon realizes he has been fooled, and act swiftly behind the hide to shoot before the pigeon retreats from the trap. Pigeon hunting can be found around the world with England boasting many clubs and hunting opportunities for the common wood pigeon and dove.

Basic Info

Varieties: Wood Pigeon, Dove

Scientific name: Columbia palumbus

Size: length: 38 – 44.5cm, wingspan: 68 – 80 cm

Weight: 490 g

Lifespan: 4 - 5 years

Methods: Wing shooting, Driven birds, High seat, Stalking, Walk-up

Countries: Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Australia