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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Poland

Hunting and fishing trips in Poland: known for hoards of pheasant and partridge, and champion league trout and grayling.

Just as the sun hides beyond the horizon, the wild boar will come from hiding as particular species that thrives at dusk and dawn. The sound of a herd of dogs muffles the squeal of the boars as they sprint through the wild. They have become cunning and smart when evading humans, and have thus become an ardent favourite in Poland as a driven shoot.

Spend the night at a country cabin, or a stone walled castle but always at walking distance from the beautiful forestry stretching as far as your eye can see in untouched land. Roe deer and fallow deer can also be hunted and are common in places like the Piensk forest, but the reigning attraction for hunters is the feathered game.

Pheasants, partridges and wild ducks are accompanied by trained dogs where a standard day may include over 500 pheasants between 10 to 12 guns. As one of the most pristine and unexplored lands of Europe, the lively river San provides a unique fly-fishing experience for trout and grayling, the walking grounds of champion anglers. In this river trail are plenty of other species such as barbel and the intriguing nase. They compliment wonderfully with the great sport of trout and grayling. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, sea fishing on the Baltic Sea is not far behind and satisfies the urge nicely.

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