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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Portugal

Hunting and fishing trips in Portugal: known for superb wildfowl drives with incredible high volume and multi-record title holding blue marlin

Portugal has spread its wings across Europe for its hospitality and beautiful cities, but word of its excellent hunting opportunities is yet to take flight. Referred to as the best kept secret in Europe, portugal has quintessentially superb bird shooting. The country specialises on various hunts between each region; the Alentejo and Ribatejo have hundreds of hare shoots whilst the Douro Valley targets mainly rabbit. Taking a roadtrip across the country would maximise everything it has to offer with exceptional seasoned foods from game recipes to even better traditional fish dishes.

Patridges are favoured in Trás-os-Montes and in the Algarve whilst quail will take you to Minho and Sesimbra. The variety is clearly evident and the wildfowl numbers are sky-high from north to south. Alentejo also dabbles with high seat hunts for medal winning wild boar, quality fallow deer and mouflon. Almost entirely surrounded by water and with an unparalleled navigating history, portugal has some of the best fishing the world with over 200 different species throughout the country. From the warm coasts of the algarve to the tropical shores of Madeira and Azores, you’ll find white marlin, yellowfin tuna, swordfish and shark among hundreds more.

The hottest location for marlin could challenge other locations worldwide with Azores holding six out of ten of the current IFGA men's blue marlin world records averaging at 1000 lb but also 22 world record catches for other species. Portugal has collected many tourism awards for its beautiful cities and countryside, but its true heart lies with the people which are kind, warm and always willing to share a class of port.

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