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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Qatar

Hunting and fishing trips in Qatar: known for astonishing falconry as hunting tool and large king mackerel off the shores

Swooping across the skies of deserted plains, the falcon performs an artisan display of hunting. In Qatar, the elegance of falconry is filled with pride by their owners. A sport that began over 5,000 years ago in Iran slowly creeped into Qatar as a form of hunting with the use of the falcons astute hunting characteristics.

From here they began to train and perfect the falcon to hunt the migrating birds, their trainers travel back and forth in search of new training and hunting grounds. Learning to master predatory birds is a skill itself, controlling a wild bird to reach speeds of 300 km/h is not just an ordinary feat. Along the shore of Qatar, casting your line to the horizon under the reflective water will bring an overwhelming sense of calm.

There are not many limitations to the beaches in Qatar, giving anglers the privilege of bountiful choice. Whether it be king mackerel, silver bream, or barracuda, the fish here come in large sizes, making for fishing any day a successful day. If the shorelines aren’t enough, head out to the Arabian Gulf for some well-earned hours of deep sea fishing for anything between sailfish and shark.

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