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Hunting, shooting for Quail

Driven birds, Walked Up

Driven hunting at its finest. A quail, flapping, exploding, and rocketing into the air just feet in front of you is a great experience and an exciting type of wildfowling. The dog or dogs involved in the hunt are always equally pleased.

Mainly hunted with a dog to pick up the scent and flush the quail on command, hunters must walk through stretches of land that may be anything from a wooded pine forest to a maze of cacti in search of the well hidden birds. Species of quail can be found all around the world and are a prize game bird for their excellent hunt and beautiful plumage.

Quail like to feed on seeds, fruits and small insects, exposing themselves to hunters best in fields that are high in grass and plant seeds. The “golden hour” or the time to move in on the commuting game bird is right at sunset. Quail returning to grass fields to roost after foraging all day in crop fields is an ideal time for successful quail hunting.

But beware, besides their incredibly dark, camouflage feather patterns, great ability to hide deep in thick underbrush and small size, they often fly low, too low to comfortably track them, a great challenge to any shooter.

Basic Info

Scientific name: Coturnix coturnix

Size: length: 11 – 20 cm,

Wingspan: 30 – 37 cm

Weight: 96 grams

Lifespan: 14 years

Methods: Walked up

Countries: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, parts of Asia