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Hunting, shooting, fishing for Red deer

Stalking, Bowhunting, Highseat, Hunting from a Blind and sometime Driven Big Game

The red deer is the fourth-largest deer species behind moose, elk and sambar deer. European red deer have a relatively long tail compared to their Asian and North American relatives.

The impressive antlers are an exceptional trophy for every hunter.

Red Deer react quickly to movement, and have good sense of smell, eyesight and hearing. When approaching, hunt into the wind, quietly and take advantage of cover if possible.

Basic Info

Varieties: Western Europe, Maral or Caspian Red Deer, Scottish, Iberian, Corsican, Bactrian, Yarkand and Barbary red deer.

Scientific name: Cervus elaphus

Size: height: 95 – 130 cm, length: 175 – 250 cm

Weight: 160 - 200 kg

Lifespan: 10-13 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Highseat, Stalking, Driven Big Game

Continent(s): Europe, the Caucasus Mountains region, Iran, parts of western Asia, and central Asia, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina