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Hunting, shooting, fishing for Reindeer / caribou

Stalking, Bowhunting, Hunting from a Blind

The big rack contest for the deer category goes to the reindeer, the northern deer. For their size, they have the largest set of antlers of any deer species- and with both sexes in the competition!

Female reindeer can also have quite big racks, keeping their antlers in the while bulls shed their antlers in the winter. Both sexes make for a desirable hunt across the frozen north.

Reindeer, or caribou, depending on which continent you are standing on, can be found in wooded habitats and referred to as woodlands or tundras.

Tundra caribou use group behavior to survive the tough, unpredictable climates where as woodland caribou find protection in the wooded tundra forests. Between hunts in Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Canada for starters, there are a dozen differences in how the hunt for reindeer- or caribou will be.

Weather will always be a big influence on the hunt's level of adventure. Chilling high speed winds, storm fronts, and blizzards in the most desolate stretches of land in the world are fought to hunt the great northern deer. Luckily that's not always the case, as proof by all the successful hunts' photos, with smiling, not-freezing-to-death hunters.

Basic Info

Varities: Mountain Caribou, Central Canada Caribou, Woodland Caribou, Quebec Labrador Caribou, Barren Ground Caribou

Scientific name: Rangifer tarandus 

Size: height: 85 – 150 cm

Weight: male 160 – 180 kg, female 80 – 120 kg

Lifespan: 15 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Highseat, Stalking,

Countries: North America, Eurasia