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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Romania

Hunting and fishing trips in Romania: known for some of the largest wild boar in Europe and trout fly-fishing

Romania is by far one of the most untouched european countries, its landscape remains as it was hundreds of years ago, and its wilderness follows suit roaming wild and free. With a fantastic history in hunting, Romania has lived up to its heritage with exquisite quality hunting and properties. Romania has some of the world’s best chamois, dominant in their environment the chamois is astute and a challenge to any who seek it.

It also has fantastic trophy boars weighing a full 300 lbs, but Romania has a far larger species. It has an impressive and one of the largest concentrations of brown bear in central europe which means that bear hunting here is revered but entirely available and fantastic trophies. Romania has 66.000 km of rivers which leaves a angler lost with choice, these rivers slit and cut through mountains, roll through forests and lull in the valleys.

Their waters steel cold but as clear as day which are ideal for fly-fishing with brown trout, rainbow trout, huchen and grayling in abundance. These dashing rivers juxtapose with the stillness of lakes which murmur in their depths with perch, carp and the dynamic pikes. With Romania’s memorable views, there is no chance of leaving empty handed.

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