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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Russia

Hunting and fishing trips in Russia: known for great Brown Bear stalks, huge Moose trophies, and gigantic Atlantic Salmon fishing.

Russia is known for being a wild and untamed territory, so large a vast amount of its landscape is primitive and untouched. In the Russian Far East is Kamchatka, a widely reputed destination for hunting massive moose and legendary brown bears. The largest trophy recorded of moose was hunted here, near River Penshina, its trophy spanning 183cm. Currently, the average trophy here is 155cm, extending to 170-180cm.

Stalking through the deep snow and crisp cold air will have you encounter brown bears, reaching a towering 3m height standing straight and weighing a heavy load of 700kg. These great standards broaden through Russia entailing colossal roebuck, and the dusk-active capercaillie. It is not surprising that such a glorious landscape of rural and virgin lands welcomes aquatic wildlife in just the same grandeur.

Faster currents and rapids are embraced by giant salmon in Russia. The fishing season is long and you’ll find yourself struggling and tugging at a 25-30lbs Atlantic salmon with barely time to take a breath. The Kola Peninsula is a natural spectacle of flora and fauna, the source of countless Atlantic salmon with an average of 36 per week per rod in the Yokanga. The branches and system of the Yokanga tailor to all styles of expert fishing from fly fishing to long casts, but promises the catch of a lifetime.

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