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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Saint lucia

Hunting and fishing trips in Saint Lucia: known for dreamy island living with world record setting deep sea fishing for billfish

When you dream of tropical islands, the image you paint in your mind will replicate the Island of Saint Lucia. A long beach on the bay of a sultry forest dense with vegetation and exotic fruits, a slope up into the island’s peaks, sculpting the island’s active volcano. After picking up your jaw from the ground in admiration, take a look at the oceans ahead.

Saint Lucia has exceptional fishing with a reputation worldwide for greatness, with monstrous fish. There is great trolling for wahoo and barracuda, but the largest catches are the atlantic sailfish and dorado, with billfish weighing a record 940 lbs.

Take a diving break to fully experience the life of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on either side of the island. Sail into the evening and take a short at jigging for grouper and red snapper, or maybe enormous yellowfin tuna. For a truly unique experience, try angling for sea turtles where three spectacular species are open with hawksbill, green and loggerhead turtle. These creatures are rarities and their capture needs to exceed an average of 75 lbs.

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