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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Scotland: united kingdom

Hunting and fishing trips in Scotland: United Kingdom: known for the blood boiling satisfaction of Red Deer stalking together with the hard and fast-paced rush of driven Grouse and Pheasant shooting

Scotland takes you on a journey to landscapes of out-of-this-world nature, where the Highlands peak with colossal mountains and suddenly drop into a deep valley of barren land. Deer graze undisturbed, deserted in the wilderness that is the Great Glen. This destination brings the blood boiling satisfaction of big game stalking together with the hard and fast-paced rush of bird shooting. This old tradition of stalking relies on reading the wind and patience for approaching the species, which can take you crawling through brushland or hiking the Highlands. Although Red Deer is the most popular, Fallow, Sika and Roe Buck are shortly behind. The environment can be rough with strong winds and countless days of rain which gives Scotland that attractive challenge of facing the untamed wild. Scotland’s unique character is what invites hunters from across the globe to discover its natural treasures. Walking across the hills and down to the foggy lochs for Brown Trout, or brave the rivers for Atlantic Salmon that thrives in it’s waters. Proudly owning the best pike angling in Britain, Scotland offers great opportunities for loch fishing in foggy scenes. Accommodation here is focused on wooden and warm cottages across the lochs, to grand castles towering the hills.

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