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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Senegal

Hunting and fishing trips in Senegal: known for warthogs of impressive trophies and world-record nile perch

Senegal is riveting with wildlife, booming with culture and full of opportunity. There is excellent bird shooting and top-quality warthog hunting. A typical day may have you waking up at the first ray of light, warthogs will be caught off guard amidst their morning routine of turning the ground sniffing out for roots under the low tree.

These curious looking hogs make for a white-knuckled hunt as they are fast, massive and dangerous. In the afternoon, as the temperature drops to a comfortable warmth, you walk along the Gambia River for dove and sandgrouse. In the Senegal wetlands, it’s an incredibly fast-paced drive, gargany will the be first to zap past you, followed by thousands of whistling duck and pigmy geese.

Senegal is the stepping stone to Africa for many Europeans a mere 6-hours away offering champion fishing offshore and in the Senegal River. The river is charged with record sized nile perch whilst offshore are some of the largest sailfish worldwide. Senegal also offers fantastic shark fishing and great vertical jigging.

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