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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Serbia

Hunting and fishing trips in Serbia: known for largest roebucks of Europe and the challenging heavy huchen fly-fishing

Serbia is one of the most yearned for destinations for hunters, it currently hosts the best and finest roebuck shoots with abundant world titled trophies. Its incredible fields of cultivated fields spread across and roll over the hills, attracting wildlife. Whether you’re on the high seat, strong and healthy wild boars trot from left to right, or you’re stalking the popular european wolf, their abundance is feed by impeccable fertile conditions. Wolves here come in high volume and there are also sights of the black wolf for a more avid hunter.

Serbia is equipped to the brim with top level hunting opportunities which also encompass bird shotgun shooting. The drives are labelled as some of the best in Europe where birds border absurd quantities with wild quail and pigeon. The Gradac River canyon hustles and bustles with lively wild trout whose colours vibrate under the water’s surface. The beauty of this river is widely recognised as ethereal and overwhelmingly beautiful.

The river provides ideal conditions for fly-fishing and long casts with wild trout reaching 70 cm and the average being 30 to 50 cm. Together with the brown trout, the river carries rainbow trout, grayling and huchen or pike for spinning. But the best destination for huchen is on the Drina River, which overflows with large huchen of over 60 pounds. Definitely one of the higher challenges in fishing is catching huchen by fly fishing, its cunning nature and rare appearances make it all the more worthwhile to target and work to catch.

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