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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Sudan


Hunting and fishing trips in Sudan: known for desert stalking Nubian ibex and barbary sheep, insane populations of huge dogtooth tuna

Sudan is home to the second largest terrestrial wildlife migration, a thundering herd of millions of gazelles, tiang, white-eared kob and more, a vivid reminder of the strength of nature even through war. Sudan is blooming with flora and fauna, this applies to all its wild species, carefully protected in its multiple natural regions from deserts in the north, low mountains in the center, to savannah and rainforest in the South.

The diversity of game is fantastic from giant eland to nile sitatunga, barker’s bushbuck to nubian ibex and barbary sheep. Each trophy larger than the next, the Nubian Desert hardly lives up to its isolating name with Nubian ibex, Eritrean gazelle, and barbary sheep in high volume populations. Sudan also has an exotic core collection of species such as the hyena, baboon, and ostrich. These animals are aggressive in their nature and will require more focus and care when stalking.

There are 650 km of coast with the Red Sea, crowded with fish, jigging is the most successful technique here with big fish are normal results with intense high volumes of giant dogtooth tuna. The variety of fish will leave you exhausted at the end of the day with giant trevally, barracuda, titan triggerfish, bonefish, and shark just to mention a few of the dominant species. Fly-fishing is also of excellent quality, Sudan has grown as a fly-fishing destination where casting on these gin-clear waters will hook permit and milkfish, and one of the best locations for triggerfish. Yet the dogtooth tuna has such a prominent presence, you can even fly-fish it!

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