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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Suriname

Hunting and fishing trips in Suriname: known for river fishing for the intimidating anjoemara and record-bearing trahira

Suriname is located north of south america, a country with exuberating rainforests etched with rivers swollen with fish. Hunting is kept quite provincial, unplanned, wild and rough. Without structure, these hunts are packed with suspense and adventure. Join the hunts with the locals, tracking through the damp forest for the secretive red brocket deer, paca for its delicious bushmeat, or bearded pigs.

Seeping from the rainforests to the coastal plains are swamps, fertile lowlands and rivers. The Kabalebo River is famed for its bloated waters with red tail catfish, piranha, and peacock bass. But what you’ll want to aim for are the huge trahira and treacherous anjoemara, both clocking heavy record-weights. Suriname swamps are beautiful with glass water blooming with moss and vegetation, a clear sign of abundance.

The still waters reflect the trees blossoming from its waters making it hard to distinguish when water ends and forestry begins. In these calm waters, there is excellent tarpon and snoeks fishing, just off the tip of your boat. Suriname is also famed for its beautiful sights of exotic birds and their swooping elegance, so do keep an eye out!

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