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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Swaziland

Hunting and fishing trips in Swaziland: known for massive largemouth bass fishing and extraordinary zebra hunting

Swaziland is home to the last absolute monarch in Africa, King Mswati III. A proud king indeed with such a ravishing country rich in culture and tradition. A land mostly flat with shallow hills, serene valleys span as far as your eye can see. Hunting takes many forms, from stalking with a rifle to tracking with a bow, you can almost pick and choose your hunting experience up to every detail. Escorted by a local, you’ll be taken across the barren lands and into the bush for blue wildebeest and the stripped nyala.

For the hunters looking for a more exclusive and extraordinary trophy, there is zebra hunting which after a few hours in the sun could not be more rewarding. Swaziland is a remarkable and record holding destination for bass fishing with various locations ideal for successful fishing. Maguga Dam on the Komati River is reputed for its top quality bass, its clean waters set the perfect scene for incredible sizes bass at over 5 kg.

There are also plentiful blue kurper, carp, and catfish. A more challenging and uniquely african game-fish is the tiger fish, found in plentiful amounts at Lake Jozini. Known for its feisty attitude, it will pull and tug at your strength, a definite adrenaline rush for those who seek it.

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