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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Tajikistan

Hunting and fishing trips in Tajikistan: known for magnificent Marco Polo argali stalking in the mountains and electric king’s fish fly-fishing

Tajikistan is beautiful in its own right, its colossal mountains sloping to the sky are intimidating to behold and will put man right into perspective. Through these whispering hills, gusts and bursts of wind howl through the creeks and at first, Tajikistan is imposing. Hunting here is taking the challenge by its horns and testing your mountain hunting skills.

Via track and stalk, the Marco Polo argali is most coveted for its fascinating turning trophy. It is named after the 13th century Venetian explorer Marco Polo, the first westerner to take note of its existence. Marco Polo argali trek these lands in large herds with over 50 sightings within the first few hours of the hunt. The mid-asian ibex also roams with an astounding 130 cm trophy, a reward matched and heightened by the wild boar.

Brought in through the thickets of reed attracted by the smell of wild cherries and mulberry, the wild boar tusks here reach over 23 cm. Once in the center of the Silk Road routes, Tajikistan has a large river that rapids through the country, the Vakhsh River. Cutting right through the landscape, it is overflowing with king’s fish and catfish. A wonderful river surrounded by remote cliffs and gorges, it is common and quite a sight to see king’s fish slipping and jolting up and over stones, climbing waterfalls.

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