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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Tanzania

Hunting and fishing trips in Tanzania: known for stalking for greater kudu and buffalo, fishing for giant trevally and dogtooth tuna.

Like spilled watercolours of golds and bronzes, Tanzania is home to animals which reflect the treasure of its landscape. Considered a modern safari, from plains gaming to dangerous game such as big cats like lions and leopards, or ostrich and greater kudu, to elephant and oryx only to name a few. For predators it is advised to use higher caliber and they are hunted almost always by stalking.

Stalking in Tanzania allows you to bewilder over the enormous savannah of the country, accompanied by warm airs and the silence of the wild. North to South, large dogtooth tuna can be caught just off the brim of your boat ranging on 100 kgs, the largest in the country. These magnitudes apply to yellowfish tuna and the hard-fighting giant trevally. Yet these statistics are not surprising, Tanzania has many world records such as the giant grouper at 179.5 kg or giant trevally on 50lbs line to even white tip shark on jigging.

The systems are packed with bait fish which also resulted in a high volume reproduction of tigerfish which also grow to massive sizes at over 20lbs. It is impossible to encompass all the possibilities that Tanzania holds and all the prizes its waters hold, but you can expect nothing other than fantastic once in a lifetime experience whether this is stalking an elephant, largest land mammal on earth, or deep-sea fishing marlin and intimidating swordfish.

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