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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Thailand

Hunting and fishing trips in Thailand: known for world record holding giant siamese carp and heavy arapaima fishing

Thailand has out of this world trophy fish and that’s not a secret. It’s landscape is beyond words with lush and blooming jungle set against deserted white sand beaches. Almost every fish species is a must for fishing due to their extravagant sizes, starting with the barramundi. In the Boon Mar Ponds there are endless barramundi, ideal for lure fishing. The barramundi has electrifying walking displays as they slip out of the water, a true feat for a catch.

Yet anglers travel far and wide for the giant siamese carp which reaches a phenomenal 200 lb, and the monster sized arapaima at over 550 lb. For a completely different experience, the giant freshwater stingray comes in massive sizes, a plateau of muscle weighing over 210 lb. Thailand has many fantastic places to see, for something off the charts, visit Kanchanaburi province, under the sound of chirping birds take a ride on the Death Railway.

Built in WWII by prisoners of war, it is a chilling yet thrilling ride through the wilderness of the jungle. For a more relaxing and whimsical tour, take a kayak through Phang Nga Bay. It’s known for its alien rock structures and the waters will leave you speechless as you find new tones of blue you’ve never seen.

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