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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips The netherlands

Hunting and fishing trips in The Netherlands: known for pike and perch fishing in the canals and mallard shooting over tulip fields

The Netherlands isn’t only about its beautiful tulips and windmills in flatlands of green, it also hosts fantastic fishing destinations.
Since having been introduced in 1900 by the Germans from Asia, pikeperch has thrived in the waters of Amsterdam, completely in its element.

Accompanied by grayling and trout, fishing in the Netherlands can be found almost anywhere, providing visiting anglers with great elasticity to truly travel and appreciate the country.
Fish like mackerel and cod bring fisherman to the Dutch North Sea, there might even be chances of finding sea trout and salmon. In typical Dutch style, a quaint bridge arches on a small stream lined by fields of grass, interlocked with laces of colourful tulips.

It is in these fields of crops that duck hunting takes flight. Attracted by the plant seeds and water streams, wild pheasant and mallard drift over the fields.
Although the drives are short and sweet, they do not go unmissed for the charming scenery straight out of a fairy tale.
These fields move with the winds and life of small wildlife, the hare and rabbit a popular shoot here as well, very often with the use of the cunning ferret.

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