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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Tunisia

Hunting and fishing trips in Tunisia: known for wild boar hunting with beaters and shotgun, yellowfin tuna trolling in the deep sea

The beauty of Tunisia lies in its rugged golden shores contrasting with the glazed indigo waters. Inland there is shrubbery and dense vegetation under the scorching sun, where nothing can be heard apart from the moving sand dust with the winds. This silence is ideal for the style of boar hunting they practice here where it is mostly restricted to shotguns.

The use of shotguns means the animal has to be closer than with rifle. With the help of beaters, hunters will sit and wait with their armed shotgun listening to the stepping hooves and huffing snouts of incoming wild boars. Fast reloading is key to avoid charging boars, so definitely not a practice for the feint hearted.

Tunisia borders with the Mediterranean Sea which means the waters are bursting with fishing species with huge yellowfin tuna and record sized amberjack and dorado. The best location for trolling bluefin tuna is Sidi Daoud with exceptional sizes under the cold breeze of the sea.

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