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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Turkey

Hunting and fishing trips in Turkey: known for bezoar ibex with its sturdy long horns, and harpooning for battling swordfish

Record tusk length on wild trophy, or perhaps the bezoar ibex with the longest horns, hunters will not want to miss on aiming for Turkey for their hunting trips.

Ringed by three seas, Turkey has exceptional forests which cover ⅓ of the country. It has grown and blossomed into homing millions of fauna, of which three thousand are uniquely existent in Turkey. This kind of luscious nature, still so fresh and raw, promotes prosperity and comfort for species to succeed in. Big game hunting readily increases yearly with such booming conditions, this can be seen with ibexes whose numbers keep rising. Under the full moon, find yourself trekking and stalking wild boar in the snow, where they become easier to spot and trace. Uncommonly, they are light but strong here in Turkey. Their tusks teasingly peak through their snouts in sizes surpassing 27cm.
The waters in Turkey knot and run past historic villages and rugged cliffs opening onto mirror lakes. Plunge your bait as you float fish for mullet, or lure fish for bonito, Turkey will have a spot for any style. Larger more outstanding fish include the swordfish, a popular choice for harpoon fishing. They will definitely prove a challenge to your strength and devotedness to the catch.

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