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Hunting, shooting for Turkey

Walked up, Stalking

Every true, dedicated turkey hunter will always have two things in common: fascinating stories from their adventures chasing turkey and the ideal goal of achieving a “Turkey Grand Slam” at least once in their lifetime; the highest echelons of extreme turkey hunting.

A “Turkey Grand Slam” consists of hunting all four subspecies of turkey: the eastern, Merriam's, Osceola, and Rio Grande.

Turkey hunting is common throughout North America because of its addictive, challenging hunt. The eastern turkey, with its shrill gobble, long spurs and extended beard reaches over 11 kg’s and is extremely elusive towards people. Merriam's is a smaller species, almost beardless and unrecognizable but easier to call than the eastern. The Osceola on the other hand, relates more to the eastern, a wild, unpredictable bird to hunt for with similar size, feathering and beard as an eastern. Get ready for lowland marsh field country for Osceola hunting. As the name suggests, they are native and exclusive to the state of Florida. Lastly, the Rio Grande, the spur-wearing, sharp-shooting subspecies found roaming Texas and other southern states is a medium-sized bird that matures up to approximately 7 kg’s. Rio Grande's, like the river, need their space and prefer open prairie country compared to Easterns, who get low and hidden in young and old forest underbrush.

Be ready for a shock when stalking any type of turkey, they are as spooky and keen-eyed as they come!

Basic Info

Varieties: Rio Grande Turkey, Oceola Turkey, Merriam Turkey, Eastern Turkey

Scientific name: Meleagris gallopavo 

Size: length: 1.1 – 1.2 m, wingspan: 1.2 – 1.4 m

Weight: male 5 – 11 kg, female 2.5 – 5.4 kg

Lifespan: up to 4 years

Methods: Bow hunting, High volume shooting, Hunting from a blind, Wildfowling, High-seat, Stalking, Walked Up

Countries: North America, Europe