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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Uganda

Hunting and fishing trips in Uganda: known for fantastic East African sitatunga hunting and enormous Nile perch fishing

Winston Churchill once referred to Uganda as the Pearl of Africa for its deliriously beautiful landscape in 1907. Since those glory days, hunting in Uganda changed but today like a Phoenix from the ashes, it stands again as it was and even better. Uganda brings hunters from a across the globe for its trophy quality East African sitatunga that prances along the forests and the Nile buffalo that huffs and puffs along the savannahs under the steaming sun.

There is hardly any time where action isn't constant during the stalk, from shots to sights like the Uganda kob and East African eland. A rare sight but unique to the country is the Sesse Island sitatunga for those looking for the trophy collection, or maybe even the Uganda Defassa waterbuck, the largest of its kind. Uganda has grown as a popular destination to anglers competing closely with Tanzania and Zambia.

Anglers come from close and far for its colossal Nile perch found in sizes over 200 lbs with some truly monstrous catches at 300-400 lbs. The Nile perch is the largest freshwater game in Africa found around the country including Lake Victoria, most commonly fished by trolling lures. Places like the Murchison River and Falls are ideal for live bait lures and are packed with Nile perch but catfish which is more successful whilst spinning. Beware you share the River bay with crocodiles and hippos, just a little spice to your fishing trip!

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