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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Uzbekistan

Hunting and fishing trips in Uzbekistan: known for wildfowl shotgun drives and huge carp fishing

Uzbequistan is crowded with dense woods and sweeping meadows that roll over hills into the snow tipped mountains. In the valleys run rivers and marshes which have an excellent mix of waterfowl and wildfowl. Drives almost guarantee 20 piece per specie from mountain partridge to goose and wild ducks.

During the drives you’ll also be exposed to wild cats, fox and porcupine. Higher in the mountains as the air thins is the famed siberian ibex, at a skilled rifle shoot there are many factors to take into account with winds, distance, and aim point. Uzbequistan has swamps and lakes trapped between the mountains hoarding masses of fish species, fly-fishing and lure fishing is greatly rewarding with carp, pikeperch, and caspian roach.

The carp come in very large sizes and there a huge population of them just waiting. Uzbequistan is still crude in its wilderness and rare sightings of the tian-shan bear, wolves and snow leopard are common and a privilege to behold in such stunning landscape.

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