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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Vanuatu

Hunting and fishing trips in Vanuatu: known for hunting for feral pigs and trophy level yellowfin tuna

Vanuatu is everything a paradise island could ask for, cerulean crystal waters, sand dusted beaches, wild jungles, volcanic mountains and the occasional tribal village. Hunting here is almost limited to the locals, but there are still incredibly authentic experiences for feral pig hunting.

Using primitive tools like the basic bow and arrow or machetes, you run with the locals through the jungle, dodging trees and jumping looks driven by the sound of the running sow and barking dogs. This exhilarating hunt is abrupt at the second the dogs reach the target and the machete hits the pig. Vanuatu is between the Coral Sea and the South Pacific Ocean where there are high populations of enormous giant trevally and big dogtooth known for being tricky to hook.

Their strength is so testing there are countless anglers who have lost on their once in a lifetime trophy. You can experience casting for yellowfin tuna at 60 lb or head inshore for wahoo and sailfish in equally hefty weights. Spend your day sailing Vanuatu’s liberating waters knowing that wherever you may dock or troll, greatness awaits.

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