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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Venezuela


Hunting and fishing trips in Venezuela: known for fantastic bonefish fishing and high volume waterfowl drives

There are many traditions for hunting in Venezuela of which some are still widely used. The makiritare are a rainforest tribe and their hunting methods have served them for centuries. For fish they use bow and arrows using grounded bark from a poisonous tree that would suffocate the fish which then floated to the surface.

For the modern angler, a fishing rod is definitely the prefered tool of trade and what better place to sport it other than Venezuela. La Guaira will provide endless trolling opportunities for sailfish and marlin whilst Rio Chico will land you with giant tarpon. The waters in venezuela are so packed will billfish it is far from impossible to land an exhilarating trophy Grand Slam. But it is most known as one of the world’s best destinations for bonefish on its famous paper flats and the colourful peacock bass spread all throughout its rivers.

Now, Makiritare would hunt for birds with a blowpipe whilst camouflaged in the trees, with long blowpipes excelling at precise shooting. But again technology has developed shotguns as incredible tools to master this hunt. Here in Venezuela hundreds and thousands of ducks will darken the skies and leave your shotgun smoking for the entirely of the drives.

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