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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Vietnam


Hunting and fishing trips in Vietnam: known for huge swordfish and marlin with fantastic fly-fishing siamese carp

Vietnam is often remembered for its war-riddled past but it is truly a gem worth exploring with amazing fishing and trophy results. Dating to 2000 BC, Vietnam is among the oldest cultures in South East Asia and its flourished into what is now a go-to destination for adventure seekers.

The island of Phu Quoc is breathtaking with thatched huts over the turquoise waters and deserted beaches surrounded by swaying coconut trees, it is also the perfect destination for seafood and naturally fishing. The water is so clear when shore fishing, it is easy to spot a large grouper surrounded by local children cheering you on. Aim for the horizon where the further you go the bigger the fish.

Marlin and swordfish will peacock their strength by whipping against the water as you reel them in whilst big kingfish and snapper will pull through smoothly. There is also amazing fly-fishing for colossal mekong catfish and even larger siamese carp hide deep in the river. As mentioned, vietnam is popular for its distinctively delicious seafood and street food so definitely take a stroll down the nearest town and experiment!

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