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Hunting, shooting, fishing for Water deer

Stalking, Highseat, Bow Hunting

This close-in game, a distinctively British hunter's specialty, brought to England from China, is arguably the most interesting looking deer species ever known.

Bagging and bringing a trophy water deer home and everyone will be asking you about his fangs.

Fangs? A defensive strategy primarily against dueling males when threatened, water deer are equipped with long, distended canine teeth.

Finding a water deer in your scopes is a great award after stalking water deer through meadows, arable land and young forests. Good cover is needed to get close to this small trophy game.

Calling in a doe boosts your chances of seeing a buck tailing along, equally curious as the doe of the particular call. Water deer are active right at dusk.

Waiting in a high deer stand or blind where traffic between field and forest meet will increase your chances of seeing a long-fanged moving water buck, a most interesting species.

Basic Info

Varieties: Chinese Water Deer, Korean Water Deer

Scientific name: Hydropotes inermis 

Size: height: 45 – 55 cm, length: 75 – 100 cm

Weight: 9 – 14 kg

Lifespan: 12 years

Methods:  Highseat, Stalking, Bow hunting

Continent(s): Originally from Asia, now also in North America and UK