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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Yemen

Hunting and fishing trips in Yemen: known for deep sea sailfish fishing and unusually wonderful landscapes

Yemen has gained recognition from a variety of places, most recently by the US blockbuster Fishing Salmon in the Yemen, but it is also the symbol of hope for eternal life as seen by Gilgamesh, or the holy lands where wise men collected their frankincense from its mountains. Riddled with tales and stories, Yemen is still very much unspoiled and undiscovered.

Socotra Island is full of secrets with peculiar dragon’s blood trees which resemble the stage of a science fiction film, yet there is also great fishing. Parallel to the shores are waters vivid with sailfish and Spanish mackerel, barracuda and coral trout.

We doubt you’ll find a more remarkable fishing setting, whilst fishing you’re surrounded by tree growths of sinister proportions and thousands of bird species zig-zagging the skies from ospreys to black kites. Yemen is also brimming with wildlife brought to life by local stories, the Chamaeleo monachus which is solely found here is said to rid the person of the ability to speak if it’s hiss is ever heard. A strangely enticing destination for anyone with a curious eye.

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