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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Zambia

Hunting and fishing trips in Zambia: known for exceptional old school hunting and fishing grounds with sable antelope and large tiger fish

Zambia is like a sepia photograph of exactly how it was decades ago, it remains one of the more sought-after hunting destinations for its game diversity but more importantly for its wild African core that still burns strong. The African wilderness stretches over lowlands and highlands, lakes and rivers booming its natural wildlife.

In the open plains, clattering hooves hit the muffled soil, Zambia has the best sable antelope with other exciting species like cape buffalo, greater kudu, and blue wildebeest. Zambia is wonderful as it allows for unexpected hunting, this means regardless of whether you’re stalking bushbuck or antelope, if a sitatunga crosses your path, it’s two birds with one stone.

Half the fun of angling here is the treks and long winded walks needed to reach fishing hot spots, it’s a truly memorable opportunity to view the country. Almost every lake and river in Zambia has excellent fishing, for instance, Lake Tanganyika is famed for its deep emerald waters which shaded with limitless fishing species. Fish reaching amazing sizes can span from tigerfish to cornish jack or African pike to river bream. For a better overlook of the fantasy lands of Zambia take a hot air balloon ride and mesmerize over the rolling hills and silver streams from miles away.

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