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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Zimbabwe

Hunting and fishing trips in Zimbabwe: known for hunting of Four of the Big Five, large tiger fish and impressive largemouth bass fishing

Zimbabwe is big game territory galore start off with four of the Big Five, the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, and African leopard. The mustard yellow plains can’t hide the bountiful possibilities with eland, kudu, impala, and wildebeest roaming free in completely unfenced areas.

These African creatures come in all shapes and sizes but in zimbabwe they are respected and cherished for their trophy-quality. Hunting in the plains is based on tracking and stalking yet for larger predators like the lion and leopard it is strictly bait. After a few days of studying these majestic cats, a bait is placed strategically aimed at luring the cat where x marks the spot and the adrenalin kicks in.

In the same dangerous wavelength there’s crocodile and hippopotamus found near the Zambezi River. Both the crocodile and hippo share the river with tilapia, bream and enormous catfish. There are lakes which collar the mountains, the lakes are clear and hubs to wildlife searching for a quench of thirst. Most importantly, these lakes are ideal for spinning and are glutted with striped and long-toothed tigerfish. Completing the package, in Darwendale Dam there are medal winning largemouth bass with incredibly intimidating mandibles.

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