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A Mosca Cantabria - Fly Fishing Guides, Los Corrales De Buelna,  Spain, Brown trout, Whitefish, Sea trout, Carp, Other fish

A Mosca Cantabria - Fly Fishing Guides

Los Corrales De Buelna, Spain
Brown trout, Whitefish, Sea trout, Carp, Other fish

Mosca Cantabria emerges with the idea of ​​enjoying the sensations that Fly Fishing offers us, making a brief stop in the rivers edge to live unforgettable moments and we will record in memory like so many others. It is the possibility of sharing the passion for an art, which sometimes happens to become a way of thinking, living and dreaming.
Mosca Cantabria shows the concern to know more deeply and from a unique and personal perspective, those corners of the Spanish geography in which to be able to enjoy with the inhabitants of our rivers; The small and brave trout of the mountain streams, the large and elusive fish in the basins of our plateau, and the silver and scarce races of the Cantabrian.

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