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Acute Angling,  9 Powelson Dr.,  Peru, Peacock bass, Redtail catfish, Catfish, Other fish

Acute Angling

9 Powelson Dr., Peru
Peacock bass, Redtail catfish, Catfish, Other fish

For over two decades, Acute Angling's primary goal has been to provide anglers with the fishing trip of a lifetime. We have accomplished this through hard work, innovation, an unwavering commitment to quality, and most of all ... an unending quest for knowledge. We've explored the most remote corners of the Amazon, the wildest waters and the deepest jungles to better understand the fisheries we offer our anglers. We've studied the fish, the ecosystem and the limnological character of the region. We've moved to the forefront of Amazon scientific research. Today, we can comfortably say that there is no source of Amazon sportfishing expertise greater than that offered by Acute Angling. Knowledge is power, and it's this degree of knowledge that gives us the power to consistently succeed in such a remote and complex environment.

Our commitment to our mission continues to drive all of our efforts in the Amazon. Throughout our long learning process, we have added to, changed, or eliminated various aspects of our trip's many complex elements in order to evolve the most efficient, productive and comfortable fishing experience possible. The result of our efforts is an unparalleled record for outstanding catches, both in terms of size and numbers. We don't intend to sit on our laurels, however. Acute Angling's primary goal continues to be to deliver the very best fishing the Amazon has to offer and to provide you with the fishing trip of a lifetime.

To this end, Acute Angling takes great pains to make certain that all aspects of your trip can be handled from one, central office. Air travel, travel documents, travel insurance, even the specialized tackle needed to catch these exotic species can all be provided directly through Acute Angling. We make certain that everything's done right and nothing's left out. You pick the destination and you catch the fish, but we take care of all the details necessary to make certain you enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

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