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Agua Boa Amazon Lodge,  Bookings Manager Agua Boa,  United States, Dolphin fish, Peacock bass

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Bookings Manager Agua Boa, United States
Dolphin fish, Peacock bass

Fly Fishing the Agua Boa River
The Ultimate Fly-fishing Adventure

Fly-fishermen from around the world have been astounded and charmed by the spectacular and unspoiled rain forest surroundings and of course also by the ultimate fly-fishing experience of sight-fishing for the jungle’s fiercest fighting fish, the Peacock Bass. In addition to the Peacock Bass, fishermen can fish for Pirahna, the Pirarucu, the Aruana, the Pacu, and the countless other species that inhabit the Agua Boa.

Here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, we aim to make your entire fly fishing experience even more memorable than ever before. The Agua Boa is the only fly-fishing only river in Brazil. This coveted designation was granted after lengthy negotiations with the regional government and allows us to provide quality fishing throughout the season. All of our fishing is done with single, barbless hooks. We think the proof of the success of our approach lies with the fact that our anglers’ catch rates do not fluctuate between the beginning of the season and the end.

Our aim is for you to enjoy every minute of your stay, from arrival until the minute you leave. We hope you will agree that once you have visited the Agua Boa, every other jungle fishing experience will seem pale in comparison.

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