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Badanloch Estate,  Badanloch Lodge,  United Kingdom, Red deer, Brown trout, Salmon, Rainbow trout, Trout, Deer, Fallow deer

Badanloch Estate

Badanloch Lodge, United Kingdom
Red deer, Brown trout, Salmon, Rainbow trout, Trout, Deer, Fallow deer

If you are looking to get away from it all and fish for wild brown trout in a remote place unspoilt by tourism, then Badanloch is the place to visit. Set in the wide open spaces of Sutherland in the far north of Scotland, the 27,500 acre estate lies off a single track road at the source of the famous River Helmsdale. At first glance, nothing appears to inhabit this vast emptiness. Look closer and there is a wealth of flora and fauna which inhabit the flow country and hills which comprise Badanloch Estate, from red deer and gold eagles to smaller amphibians, rare orchids and the carnivorous sundew plant. The scenery is spectacular with a real sense of space and tranquillity. In the distance is Ben Hope, Scotland’s most northerly Munro, with its strange rocky outcrops. Closer at hand are the Griams, Ben Griam Mòr which rises from the far side of Loch Badanloch and Ben Griam Beg, rising out of the flat country to the north east. The cone of Morven sits to the east by nearby Caithness. On a clear day you can even see the Orkney Islands to the north east.

Sutherland is famous for its wild brown trout fishing and the Estate’s six lochs are renowned for the challenge and quality of the fishing.

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