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Bair's Lodge/Abaco Lodge,  Abaco,  The Bahamas, Bonefish

Bair's Lodge/Abaco Lodge

Abaco, The Bahamas

Stanley Bairs:
For Christmas 1992 I gave my husband Andy some fly-tying equipment. After the holidays, he decided he needed more feathers and made a trip to The Fish Hawk fly shop, in Atlanta, Georgia, to fill his pockets. There, in the parking lot, he met Stan Clarke, who owned a house on an island in the Bahamas. After some time talking, Andy decided he wanted to try flyfishing for bones. So in February 1993, we booked tickets and ventured to South Andros.

Following that trip, Andy was hooked. And during our next visit, we stopped to see Stan Clarke’s property near Congo Town. The house was in rough shape. And Clarke indicated he was interested in parting with it. So we talked it over and decided that if we could sell our house and business we’d make the leap and build a bonefishing lodge.

In two months everything had sold, and by April 1994 we were headed toward a new adventure.

Todd Pritchett was the architect who helped us transform the original house into something special. We hired local contractors and watched them mix concrete by hand into five-gallon buckets, passing the buckets to each other in lines. When the majority of the new house had been completed, we painted it pink with white trim. Of course, in the Bahamas, paint quickly fades in the sun and salt. Within a year it needed painting again. So this time we chose a darker pink. The color was called bubblegum. Bair’s remains pink to this day.

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