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Bass In Heaven Japan,  Chūō,  Japan, Bass

Bass In Heaven Japan

Chūō, Japan

The Bass anglers in the whole world were surprised the world record was broken at Lake Biwa, Japan.
However, we knew there are quite a few world record class basses in Lake Biwa for a few years.
Now, Lake Biwa is famouse in all over the world.
Lake Biwa provides the best bass fisheries in Japan.
However, it is not easy to catch the Big Bass in Lake Biwa.
Because water of Lake Biwa is usually clear and fishing pressure is high all the time.
So, when you fish, you need a professional bass fishing guide.
It will be a big advantage for you.
They have knowledge about where Big fish is and how to make them bite,
also some local unique techniques.
They will become your partner.
Your target will be over 22.5lbs. bass???
Don't miss this big chance!!

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