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Blue Bayou Guatemala,  Casa 119 Iztapa,  Guatemala, Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, Blue marlin, Pacific blue marlin, Pacific sailfish

Blue Bayou Guatemala

Casa 119 Iztapa, Guatemala
Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, Blue marlin, Pacific blue marlin, Pacific sailfish

"Our team knows the importance of having an unforgettable trip, while achieving your fishing expectations & staying within your budget" Company Mission Statement

The Blue Bayou Sport Fishing team started out with the desire to provide a service of first-class fishing and accommodation's, for a fraction of the cost. We are inviting those who never could have thought about fishing the ''sail fishing capital of the world'', to join us with a desired budget in mind. Our charters limit our expenses by personally providing all of the services and using fuel efficient boats (31 to 35 foot diesel powered yachts). Transportation is also provided with our Blue Bayou in house vans, and the lodge owner/head USCG Captain (who is American as well as lives year round in Guatemala) is with you throughout the trip, assuring quality service throughout your stay. That is the difference between us and our competitors, being involved in your entire trip from start to finish.

The team consists of an experienced crew all equiped with university degrees from the US and lots of hours on the pacific of Guatemala, as well as Altantic bill fishing in the great Cape Hatteras North Carolina, and Charleston South Carolina. Our Captain is well rounded with the knowledge of general business practices, ethics, as well as conservation awareness in our fishing industry which we practice (catch and release). Our Captains & mates are local Guatemalans with more than 10 years experience bill fishing, and 1 American Captain over seeing the operation who is certified as a master 100 ton Captain. All members of our fishing crew have an impressive resume to offer with many catches under their belt in many parts of the world. By using our sport fishing services you will not only be extremely satisfied with the fishing and total cost, you will also get to see Guatemala behind the scenes, and enjoy your vacation the way it should be.

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