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Blue Lagoon (Mid Kent Fisheries),  Mill Lane,  United Kingdom, Bream, Northern pike, Carp, Other fish

Blue Lagoon (Mid Kent Fisheries)

Mill Lane, United Kingdom
Bream, Northern pike, Carp, Other fish

Established in 1991 under the umbrella of a large utility company, with just one lake and 65 members, we never imagined that 25 years down the line we would have 22 lakes, a previous British carp record and a very successful Environmental Consultancy.

We aim to create the best environment for both the wildlife and our members on our fisheries. Going the opposite way to commercialised fisheries, we are keeping MKF as a typical old school fishing club which our members love.

Most of the lakes hold a good head of 30lb carp, with a few going onwards and upwards of 50lbs. Some of our waters are well known for their specimen tench fishing, the Milton Pan lake was featured on Martin Bowlers DVD Catching The Impossible.

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