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Blue Marlin Fishing Club,  Mombasa,  Kenya, Yellowfin tuna, Sailfish, Blue marlin, Striped marlin, Black marlin

Blue Marlin Fishing Club

Mombasa, Kenya
Yellowfin tuna, Sailfish, Blue marlin, Striped marlin, Black marlin

The world of fishing is a very fascinating one. Fish and marine animals usually hide from the human eye and live deep down in the cool water, which we all love so much. For this reason, many people develop a deep fascination for them and explore the sea from a boat, or dive right into it.

Blue Marlin Fishing ClubThe Blue Marlin Fishing Club consists of passionate anglers who feel at home in Diani Beach, are open-minded and outgoing. We got the great fortune to be able to make our hobby to our profession and wake up each day with a great motivation to provide our guests with an indescribable day. As a team we are unbeatable and to welcome a lot of interesting people on board of our ship. It does not matter if you are new to fishing, or share our fascination since many years.

The main thing is that we can gain a new experience together and enjoy the trip.
The Blue Marlin is a powerful predator who can be found in the sea in front of Diani Beach. It is the symbol of our club, as it is extremely difficult to catch, gets very large and takes spectacular battles with fishermen. He is a real challenge, requires a lot of patience, first-class equipment, an experienced crew and nerves of steel.

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